Caprice SA

LocationAthens, Greece

This is a modern, custom-designed building that houses the headquarters and warehouse of the tile manufacturer, Caprice S.A. It was built by our Pima Group, a key player in Greek real estate development and a leader in logistics building construction.

This building was built to serve as a distribution point for Caprice S.A. products, but because our modular design allows for easy reconfiguration of the structure’s various rooms. It could make an ideal office space or even a manufacturing plant. The building features an attached shipping/receiving dock, with direct access via a private entrance from the street.


The yard around Caprice S.A.’s building is large enough to store the company’s stock of mosaic materials and supplies, but it could also be used for parking or additional storage space for other business activities.

We are proud to have played an integral role in the success of this company and wish them the best of luck as they expand into new markets across the globe!