Pima Group believes that when we buy a property here in Greece, we are not only buying a building but a whole ecosystem. We believe that the properties we develop must benefit the entire ecosystem and not damage it. That is why Pima Group develops properties the environment can enjoy and homeowners can be proud of for years. Our tactics are eco-friendly, community-oriented, and advanced so that our customers will get an upper hand when selling their property one day.

Athens has always been a hub for growth, as well as developments in history. It is not an overstatement to say that many modern-day projects and developments would not be possible without the knowledge we’ve accumulated throughout the years.

Commercial Property Development is one of our most popular sectors because of how it can improve and reshape neighborhoods by creating inviting environments. We are giving people the chance to make their place of living become something they will be proud to call home. Developments also mean better spaces for both humans and animals, so let us know how we can help enhance your neighborhood by getting in touch with us today.