UPS building

LocationAthens, Greece

We’re proud to welcome you to our development project for UPS Courier Service.

As one of the few firms trusted by international courier services for its logistics buildings, we have gained a reputation for building property facilities that withstand their needs. We have created this UPS building from scratch to their specifications.

This is an extensive project; we’ve built the entire three-story structure from the ground up, including a fully-operational package sorting center with multiple conveyor belts, on-site fuel storage, and elevated walkways.

The building is perfect for companies that need space to grow, and it’s also an ideal place for businesses that want to be surrounded by other companies in the same industry. The bright white floors and walls in each office space make it easy for teams to collaborate and stay on task, whether they’re working on projects related to packaging delivery or something else entirely.

We built this UPS building with everything you could ever need, with amenities like a private entrance for delivery trucks, natural light streaming through floor-to-ceiling windows in every work area. Our conference rooms have built-in screens for presentations or video calls with clients across the globe.